AG Barcelona is a Spanish company, based in Barcelona. Since it was founded over 40 years ago, the company has maintained meticulously high standards of traditional workmanship and design, while incorporating innovative and elegant design features to answer the practical and technological needs of the modern office.

The AG ranges of executive furniture and office seating are developed by today´s leading-edge designers and employ a range of high quality materials, including natural varnished wood, matt and gloss lacquers, chromed metal and glass, to create flawlessly finished pieces of furniture.

The executive office furniture catalogues provide a wide range of choices, offering designs that combine distinctive style with practical features to create office furniture which reflects both the status and design sensibility of the senior executive.

In addition to our existing executive furniture and office seating ranges, AG can bring both extensive experience and aesthetic excellence to individual design projects, applying the reserch, development and design skills required to deliver the ideal solution for your needs, in terms of quality, design and cost.