Custom office furniture

AG Barcelona is a Spanish company located in Barcelona whose beginnings date back to 1968 and whose main task is the production of conference tables. Over the years, AG Land has expanded its range of conference tables, offering a wide range of models, finishings, woods and ideal colors for custom office furniture.

One of AG Barcelona’s values is a constant presence and supervision throughout the process of drafting their custom office furniture, from choosing the best woods, the strict control of drying, the detailed treatment to ensure an indefinite resistance, the careful transformation with unique curvature techniques to its polish and application of suitable coatings, all to get high standing custom office furniture, both presidential and management levels.

AG Barcelona is a company that is part of the exception, because it combines the authentic tradition of craftsmanship together with the application of advanced techniques in the crafting of custom office furniture.

It all to offer an important variety of custom office furniture as exclusive to people whose profession and / or professional status and image need a broad representation and never give up essential features which must have the best tables together as ergonomics, functionality, technological features, etc...

AG Barcelona is located at C/Lluçà nº 9, 3er 4a, 08028 Barcelona. To choose yourconference tables is to choose AG Barcelona.